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Trivia Contest

Test your Football IQ. How much Football trivia do you remember? Submit your answers to the Trivia Quiz, and those with the highest scores will be inducted into the

There are 13 questions in the Football Trivia Contest. Good Luck!

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1. Whose record for consecutive field goals did Gary Anderson break?

  • a. Matt Bahr
  • b. Fuad Reviez
  • c. Steve Cox
  • d. Jim Baken
  • 2. Who was the first President of the NFL?

  • a. George Halas
  • b. Bert Bell
  • c. Ralph Hay
  • d. Jim Thorpe
  • 3. Who was the first player to rush for 1,000 yards in a season?

  • a. Beattie Feathers
  • b. George Musso
  • c. Steve Van Buren
  • d. Ernie Nevers
  • 4. For which of the following teams did Eric Dickerson not play?

  • a. Colts
  • b. Browns
  • c. Raiders
  • d. Falcons
  • 5. For what team did Tony Dorsett last play?

  • a. Cowboys
  • b. Seahawks
  • c. Chiefs
  • d. Broncos
  • 6. What team drafted Steve Largent?

  • a. Oilers
  • b. Seahawks
  • c. Raiders
  • d. Chargers
  • 7. Who was the first player from the West Coast to win the Heisman Trophy?

  • a. Mike Garrett
  • b. Terry Baker
  • c. Gary Beban
  • d. Jim Plunkett
  • 8. Who was the first QB to throw at least 30 touchdown passes for five seasons?

  • a. Brett Favre
  • b. Dan Marino
  • c. John Elway
  • d. Dan Fouts
  • 9. Who caught 600 passes in the fewest number of games?

  • a. Jerry Rice
  • b. Art Monk
  • c. Herman Moore
  • d. Lance Alworth
  • 10. Who was the first QB to throw seven touchdown passes in one game?

  • a. Sammy Baugh
  • b. Adrian Burk
  • c. Y.A. Tittle
  • d. Sid Luckman
  • 11. What QB completed 22 of 25 passes in a Super Bowl?

  • a. Joe Montana
  • b. Terry Bradshaw
  • c. Phil Simms
  • d. Doug Williams
  • 12. Which one of the following did not have five touchdown catches in one game?

  • a. Jerry Rice
  • b. Kellen Winslow
  • c. Bob Shaw
  • d. Don Hutson
  • 13. Where was the first indoor Super Bowl played?

  • a. Pontiac Silverdome
  • b. Minnesota Metrodome
  • c. New Orleans Superdome
  • d. Georgia Dome
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