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The Philippines

There are many no-investment, sound, safe, ethical and excellent home-based opportunities in the Philippines. Tell us what kind of business you are looking for and we will send you information by email.

When your information is received, it is entered into a database and a search is made for a suitable business which matches your information and requirements.

(PRIVACY POLICY: The Institute will use the information you send solely to provide relevant responses to your inquiry. The information you send will not be given, rented, or sold to anyone.)

NOTE: ALL questions below must be answered. ALL answers are needed to search the database. If there are any unanswered questions your inquiry can not be processed and there will be no reply.

Information on Stay-at-home Business in the Philippines
First Name:
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We recommend (and we will send you information about) only businesses which are legal, ethical, moral, and profitable; no adult-material, no pyramids. What kind of business would you prefer (for example, computer, internet, emailing, disseminating health educational information, disseminating business educational information, network marketing, other)?:
It may take a month or more for a new business to become successful. How much additional income would you like your business to be earning PER MONTH in 2 to 3 months after you start?:
We do NOT recommend businesses that require financial investment. You will NEVER send us any money or pay us for anything. However, in ALL businesses there are necessary start-up business expenses. You will need tools to get started, tools like literature, DVD's, CD's, training material, etc. which you will purchase from a company in your own country. Without these you definitely can not start to run a business. The company in your country which will provide your business kit for about $40 USD will require a credit card for the purchase of the business kit. (If you do not have a credit card, in many countries you can get a temporary one immediately from a nearby bank or financial institution, or borrow someone else's.) After receiving the business kit, if you are not pleased with the results and the progress of your business you may be able to return the business kit within 30 days for a full refund. However, almost everyone recovers these expenses as income within a few days after starting and earns a substantial profit. If after you receive more detailed information the business is of interest to you and you choose to start, can you afford about $40 USD and are you prepared to purchase the tools in your country to launch a business that could deliver the income you seek? Yes or No (If No, we thank you for your interest. Without tools you can not start and your inquiry will not be processed):
How soon could you start?:
You can start part-time or work as much time as you choose, or combine with another business or job. How many hours PER WEEK are you prepared to put into your business to deliver the income you seek?:
You MUST be living in this country (and only in the country mentioned at the top of this page). Businesses we recommend have been approved by the government of this country for those who live in this country and are subject to the laws of this country. If you do not live in this country your inquiry will not be processed and there will be no reply. In which part of this country do you live (name of province or state)?:
In which city (or town) do you live? Name of city or town:
What is your present occupation?
What kind of work have you done?
What business experience do you have?
What is your educational background? Degrees are not necessary, but if you have any degrees tell us what they are and in what fields. Please provide a few details about education.
What features are you looking for in a home business?
Would you be interested in earning income from an international world-wide business, or a local business, or both?
Are you coachable? Do you learn quickly? Would you follow the instructions of experienced and successful people?
What are your reasons for having a home-business?
What is the internet address of the page you are now seeing and you are now completing (copy it from above http://etc. and put it in the space provided)?
Have you answered all of the above? If there are any unanswered questions above, it will not be possible to search the database and there will be no reply.

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