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WELCOME TO the BIT HUB (Hyperspace Union Building) the center "hub" of the campus. Scroll down for the complete campus directory.

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Academic Row

College of Consulting & Engineering including

(1) The World's Most Visited Consulting Engineering Mall, the first place where clients look to find competent Engineering Consultants - Internationally & Locally. Consultants Can Register Here Free, & Find Consulting Opportunities; this is also the home of the very popular Engineering Chuckle of The Week.

(2) The Department of Professional Engineering where engineers come for information about P.E. Registration.

(3) For new and experienced consultants learn the nuts and bolts of becoming a successful consultant (full or part-time) including how to find clients.

(4) How much calculus do you remember? Discover an audio review course on modern Engineering Calculus.

(5) The Largest Engineering Textbook Bargain Exchange on the Internet.

College of Health & Nutrition offers educational courses:

(1) Vitamins (2) Minerals (3) Deficiency Symptoms (4) Health Secrets Your Family Must Know (5)Safe (non-drug) Weight Loss  (6) ADD, ADHD, & Ritalin (7) What You Don't Know CAN Hurt You (8) Burning Feet (9) Lowering Cholesterol without Drug (11)Arthritis, Joint Pain,and Fibromyalgia (12)Diabetes (13)Fatigue and Lack of Energy (14) High Blood Pressure (15) Anxiety and Depression

You will find valuable NEW information and reports on recent research and discoveries; courses and aids for learning about deficiencies,symptoms, diseases, vitamins and minerals.

College of Home-Based Business Opportunities,
featuring the Top Home-Based Businesses of 2006.

College of Immigration and Citizenship,

featuring a FREE on-line course to prepare you for the Citizenship Exam, with the facts you need to know, plus all 100 questions and answers (taken from the actual examination), and a Historical Document Library.


Culture Row

The Lee Godie Memorial Art Gallery.

Come and learn about the legend and see some of the work of the late Lee Godie (Chicago's most collected artist).

The Campus Technical Bookstore,

the place to get new and hard-to-find engineering textbooks at prices way below publishers' list prices, including books for preparation for the P.E. Exams.

Campus Backyard Zoo

Wild Turkeys, Opossums, Foxes, Rare Albino Squirrel, Raccoons, Etc. and comments.

Contest Row

The OFFICIAL International Soccer Center and Soccer Contest.

Do you think you know the game well? Come and take the test. Review the Laws of the world's most popular sport.

The Baseball Trivia Center.

Do you remember those incredible moments in baseball when records were set and broken? Come and browse in the halls and test your knowledge. The questions range from fairly easy to fairly challenging. You can become a member of the Internet Baseball Hall of Fame.

The Intellectual Games, Puzzles, Contests, & Trivia.

Three contests include one on Logic, one on Math, and one on Trivia. You can become a member of the Intellectual Hall of Fame.

Latin Lovers World Society.

the headquarters of the Latin Lovers World Society (including the Hall of Fame). How good is your Latin and your understanding of the roots of many words? Come and enter the contest. You can possibly become a member of the Latin Lovers World Society Hall of Fame

The Center for PLUS Lotto, the International Lottery.

Here you can visit and participate (if you choose) in exciting international games. The payoffs are substantial and, in addition to the winners, much of the proceeds are given to organizations like the International Red Cross.

Contest Rules.

This booth provides a summary of all the contest games and contests on campus. You can get directions to the various games and contests.

Web Site Awards.

A collection of awards made possible by you, our viewers.

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