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We live in the woods and enjoy peeking at the wild animals that share them with us.

When we first moved into our home there were 5 wild turkeys that wandered around the woods. They enjoyed admiring themselves in the windows of the basement, parked cars, and the house. At night they flew up into the trees, for safety, to sleep on a branch. One turkey chose to sleep on our roof. When it got dark he perched on the porch railing until just the right moment and then flew up to the roof. On gloomy, cloudy days he took his naps there too. Here is our roof bedtime shot.

This brave athletic squirrel kept us laughing with his frequent attacks of the birdfeeder outside our kitchen window.

squirrels This is the only white squirrel WE have ever seen. He was the object of many a rush to get the camera. Finally, we got this picture of him.

In early spring, a pair of foxes mated in our front yard. Being raised in the city this was quite a show. We never saw them again, although we did look, hoping to see a little KIT or two.

A wild stray cat made her home under our stairs. We don't know why she was so shy of people but she felt safe enough to venture onto our porch for her dinner. She was more tolerant of the opossum sharing her food than she was of us! See picture.

Yes, the raccoons were a little destructive.


The screen doors are ripped from their sharp claws when they came onto our sun porch to help themselves to the stray cat's food!  The entertainment they provided us would be worth the cost of the new screens, which come to think of it, have not gotten fixed! I don't know how much it will cost to fix them.

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