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Electronic Devices & Circuits, J.J.Cathey, Mc Graw-Hill Schaum's, 1989, 302 pages, 0-07-010274-0, A
Power Electronics, Circuits, Devices, & Applications, 2nd ed., M.H. Rashid, Prentice Hall 1993, 702 pages, 0-13-678996-X, A
Semiconductor Microdevices & Materials, D.H. Navon, HRW 1986, 448 pages, 0-03-063983-2, A
The Analysis and Design of Electronic Circuits, P. Chirlian, McGraw Hill 1965, 570 pages, BRAND NEW, A,
Linear Analysis of Electronic Circuits, G. Glasford, Addison Wesley 1965, 580 pages, BRAND NEW, A
Electronics, Concepts, Applications, and History, R. Houglum, Breton 1985, 315 pages, 0-534-03909-X, BRAND NEW, A, (Solution Manual available, optional, add $10 to Your Price, free shipping, not sold separately, 66 pages)
Understanding Automotive Electronics, William Ribbens, Norman Mansour, Texas Instruments, McGraw Hill 1984, 284 pages,0-89512-167-0, BRAND NEW, A
Computer Programs for Electronics Analysis & Design, D. Bugnolo, Reston 1983, 261 pages, 0-8359-0874-7, BRAND NEW, B
Electronic Instruments and Measurements, P. Crozier, Breton 1985, 383 pages, 0-534-04311-9, BRAND NEW, A- , (Instructor's Manual available, optional, add $10 to Your Price, free shipping, not sold separately)
Gallium Arsenide Processing Techniques, R. Williams, Artech 1984, 406 pages, 0-89006-152-1, BRAND NEW, A
Survey of Electronics, S. Oppenheimer, Holt 1990, 374 pages, 0-03-020842-4, BRAND NEW, A- ( Instructor's Manual with Transparency Masters available, optional, add $10 to Your Price, free shipping, not sold separately)
Electronic Instrumentation: A Lab Text, R. W. Prewitt & S. W. Fardo, Tichenor Publishing 1983, 219 pages, 0-89917-387-X, BRAND NEW, A-
Theory and Problems of Electronics Technology, M. Kaufman and J. Wilson, including 240 Solved Problems, Schaum's Outline Series - Vocational and Technical, McGraw-Hill, 1982 0-07-070690-5, A
Theory and Problems of Electronics Circuits, E. Lowenberg, including 160 Solved Problems, Schaum's Outline Series in Engineering, 1967, 274 pages, 07-038835-0, C
Power Electronics, Circuits, Devices, and Applications, M. Rashid, Disk Included, Prentice Hall, 1988, 585 pages, 0-13-687667-6, A
Power Electronics, Converters, Applications, and Design, Mohan, Undeland, & Robbins, Wiley, 1989, 667 pages, 0-471-61342-8, B
Understanding Solid-State Electronics, G. Wonderly, McKnight & McKnight, 1971, 210 pages, B

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