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Microprocessors and Logic Design
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Industrial Applications for Microprocessors, A.D. Steckhahn, J. Den Otter, Reston 1982, 500 pages, 0-8359-3067-X, BRAND NEW, A
Microprocessor Technology, D.L. Terrell, Reston 1983, 562 pages, 0-8359-4392-5, BRAND NEW, A
Theory and Design of Digital Machines, T. Bartee, I. Lebow, McGraw Hill 1962, 324 pages, BRAND NEW, A
Digital Technology 3rd ed., G. Williams, SRA 1986, 577 pages, BRAND NEW, A
Introduction to the Logical Design of Switching Systems, H. Torng, Addison Wesley 1964, 286 pages, BRAND NEW, A
The 68000 Microprocessor - Architecture, Software, and Interfacing Techniques, Walter A. Triebel, Avtar Singh, Prentice Hall 1986, 366 pages, 0-13-811357-2, BRAND NEW, B
Data Networks, D. Bertsekas, R. Gallager, Prentice Hall 1987, 486 pages, 0-13-196825-4, BRAND NEW, A
Digital Design, A pragmatic Approach, E. Johnson, M. Karim, PWS 1987, 497 pages, 0-534-06972-X, BRAND NEW, A, (Solution Manual available, optional, add $10 to Your Price, free shipping, not sold separately, 128 pages)
Microprocessors and Microcomputers, V. Rooney, A. Ismail, Macmillan 1984, 468 pages, 0-02-403450-9, BRAND NEW, A- faded cover, Solutions Manual included, 91 pages
Microprocessors, Hardware and Applications, A. Veronis, Restin 1984, 928 pages, 0-8359-4382-8, BRAND NEW, A
The Motorola MC68000, Microprocessor Family, Assembly Language, Interface Design, and System Design, T. Harman, B. Lawson, Prentice Hall 1985, 547 pages, 0-13-603960-X, BRAND NEW, A
Basic Switching Circuit Theory, M. Krieger, Macmillan 1967, 256 pages, BRAND NEW, A
The Logic Design of Transistor Digital Computers, G. Maley, J. Earle, Prentice Hall 1963, 322 pages, BRAND NEW, A-, name in front
Digital Logic and Microprocessors, J. Hill, G. Peterson, Wiley 1984, 530 pages, BRAND NEW, A
Digital Systems, Principles and Applications, 3rd ed., R. Tocci, Prentice Hall 1985, 561 pages, 0-13-212374-6, BRAND NEW, A, Lab Manual included, 103 pages
Understanding Microprocessors, D. Cannon, G. Luecke, Texas Instruments 1984, 284 pages, 0-672-27010-2, BRAND NEW, A
The 8086 Microprocessor, Architecture, Software and Interfacing Techniques, W. Triebel, A. Singh, Prentice Hall 1985, 343 pages, 0-13-246695-3, BRAND NEW, A
Experiments in Logic and Computer Design, Albert Y. Teng & William A. Malmgren,Prentice Hall 1984, 172 pages, 0-13-295833-3 01, BRAND NEW, A
Switching Circuits for Engineers, Second Edition, and Solutions to Problems, Marcus, Prentics-Hall International EE Series, 1967, 338 Pages 87986, A
Signetics, Digital, Linear, Mos Applications, Signetics Corp,1974, 260 Pages, C

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